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Monday 22 Adar 2, 5771 - March 28, 2011
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Middle East
special announcements
Listen to Jewish Jazz
Modern impressionist pastel and oil painting art by Daniel Atkin Potomac Maryland
This Passover, get your cheese from Cabot Cheese! Your local Boy Scout Troop 1818
Spread The Word: Spring Shabbaton 4/1-3/11 in Silver Spring, Rabbi Yaacov Marcus and Graphologist Dr. Robby
Sholom Aleichem granddaughter to teach Jewish humor
New kosher company selling healthy "cookies"
Snapshot: Jewish Life and Living photo Contest
Mar 24 - April 3 - Annual Northern Virginia International Jewish Film Festival
The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia is pleased to announce its upcoming fine arts exhibit: “Connected”
Aug 14-19 - Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Is Pre Conference Shabbat Scholar For 31st International Conference On Jewish Genealogy In DC
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today's schmooze news
A Brush With Death Witnessing a Jerusalem Bombing
Don't Ask Your Spouse This
The Forgotten Refugees
The German Jew Who Bombed Berlin
Itamar Massacre
A Jew by Choice: Elizabeth Taylor
Kosher deli in Tampa opens to members only
Kosher Sutra: If you've got it, flaunt it! (Tsav)
The Marshmallow Test
Memoirs of a Jewish Geisha
Running in Jerusalem for the Fogels
Saving Soviet Jewry: A Retrospective
Surgery? Border patrol? Israeli robots can do it all
Why Jewish Summer Camp
Yiddish Guide To Elizabeth Taylor 1932 - 2011

An Alzheimer’s vaccine in a nasal spray?
An ‘electric’ way to reduce lower back pain
New tool could predict future earthquakes
Startup product offers ostomy patients renewed dignity
Surgery? Border patrol? Israeli robots can do it all
Top 10 iPhone Apps from Israel

Accident of Faith
Gene Simmons Blasts Israel Boycotters
Remembering Rav Moshe On His 25th Yahrzeit
Safdie - the architect who planned to be a farmer
Screen Legend Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79
A Victory for Musician Geoff Berner


Bob Dylan Makes Stop in Israel on World Tour

Stories with a Yiddish Twist

County issues health alert for whooping cough outbreak
Drug Approved for Late-Stage Melanoma
Health Alert: Diabetes Increase The Risk Of Death
Health Alert: Women And Hair Loss
Nintendo 3DS bothers Brits about blinkers
Study of a rare disease sheds light on cancer


All Other Recalls

Big buyouts of Israeli companies
Facebook to Buy Israeli Start-Up
New Maxwell House Haggadah Released for Passover
Teva, Procter & Gamble create partnership

women blessings shabbat

Goodbye, LUGs; Hello, HUGs
On Not Confining Girls to a Pink Box
Surviving Being Bullied — and Naming It
'What Not To Wear' — In Case of a Rocket Attack
jewish students
Dialogue worked - threats did not
Hating Israel at UC Berkeley
Pro-Israel students harassed at Carleton

jewish culture
Be happy (it’s Adar again)
The Jewish Ethicist: Giving Notice
Kippah: A Blessing On Your Head
KOACH Kallah and the Mahar Coalition
New Maxwell House Haggadah Released for Passover

Baby Formula in Short Supply
Candies acquire kosher certification
The DC deli boom New York-ish eateries proliferate
FDA Halts Shipments Of Kosher Baby Formula 'Materna'
Hinchey calls Pelleh Farms, in Swan Lake, a model
Kosher deli in Tampa opens to members only
Kosher Delights At Shuman Deli
The rising stakes of kashrut certification
Suzie's Grill keeps Houston Jews kosher, connected
Tel Aviv Kosher Market closes its doors

Jerusalem Kosher News
The Kosher Blog
Kosher Today Headline News

Barak: Iron Dome missile defense system to be deployed next week
Barak: Israel holds Hamas responsible for Gaza rocket fire
Hurva Synagogue is home to first wedding since 1948
Israeli neonatologists save babies' lives in Ghana [video]
Moshe Katsav's Sentence
Shalit vs. Hamas
Terror Attack in Jerusalem

Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Jewish Television Network
Nesher - Hebrew
Y-Net News
J News

flag of the united states

On Obama, Libya and Gender
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire remembered 100 years later

Jews of the United States

B.C. Jewish museum moves to new location
The German Jew Who Bombed Berlin
‘Goth’ playwright shows her ‘true colours’
‘Mahmoud Abbas n’a plus aucune légitimité’
Montreal shul again faces opposition to expansion
National political pundit started professional life at CBC
News Canada
Ordaining women not radical: rabbi
Premier McGuinty, Ontario and Israel: A Flourishing Relationship
Sanctimony, not integrity

Jewish Canada

middle east
Caution: Middle East under construction
Hamas says ready to halt rocket fire if Israel stops Gaza strikes
Mourners burn Baath headquarters and police station in Syria village
Protester killed and 120 wounded in Jordan protests
Senior IDF commander: There is anarchy in Gaza
Syria protesters torch government buildings; security forces kill two
Tensions rise as Syria protests continue

European countries want UN, not U.S., to advance Mideast peace talks
Irish Cabinet swears in lone Jewish lawmaker
Norwegian lawmaker under fire for denying the Holocaust
European Jewish Press

former ussr cis

Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS

Australia-Israel alliance rocked by passport fiasco
Don’t passover our grape Pesach competition
Offering a hand to Japan
Race crime off Victoria Police radar

Jewish Perth Blog
Jewish Australia
Jewish New Zealand
Jews of Tahiti


Chilean miners put their faith in Israel

Jewish Argentina Jews of Bolivia Jewish Brazil Jewish Chile Jewish Colombia Jewish Venezuela

todays kosher recipes
Mediterranean-Style Dishes
Perfect for Passover: Recipe for syrupy and delicious honey coconut cake
Purim With a Shiksa + Kosher Cosmo & Poppy Seed Cake
Ricotta and Spinach Frittata With Mint
Smoked Salmon Crostini With Mexican-Inspired Avocado Salad
Spice Up Shabbos: Salads!
A Thai Purim Meal

Measurement Conversion

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