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Thursday 27 Adar I, 5771 - March 3, 2011
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special announcements

Snapshot: Jewish Life and Living photo Contest
Mar 24 - April 3 - Annual Northern Virginia International Jewish Film Festival
Short term furnished rental Dupont Circle
The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia is pleased to announce its upcoming fine arts exhibit: “Connected”
Make a Difference: Help Feed Ugandan Schoolchildren
Mar 4-5 - From Tesfa to Tikva: A Lens on Ethiopian Israelis
Aug 14-19 - Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Is Pre Conference Shabbat Scholar For 31st International Conference On Jewish Genealogy In DC
The Kulanu-Kaifeng Speaking Tour, featuring Shi Lei of Kaifeng, China, is returning to the U.S.
JLI to Offer “Toward a Meaningful Life: A Soul-Searching Journey for Every Jew”
Telling the remarkable stories of Sephardic Jews
Winter Sephardic Cooking Classes Forming Now
Supporting Isolated and Emerging Jewish Communities
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today's schmooze news
Badkhn Belt? Jewish humor was born in 1661, prof says
Breastfeeding and Judaism: Why Moses Mother Didn’t Put a Bottle in the Ark of Bulrushes
Corrupting the Youth
Duke Snider, A Star Among Stars:: A Fond Reminiscence of the Days When the Duke of Flatbush
"Der Nomen" Is Chaim
Happiness Improves Health and Lengthens Life
Identity Making: Its Historical Roots
Jewish Community in Manado
Jewish Life in Iran
Jews and Oscars: The Night’s Minyan [SLIDESHOW] Libya, Israel and Human Rights
My Language, My Self
New Defense System Foils Anti-Missile Attack from Gaza
On this day: Zero Mostel is born
The Purim Puzzle
Real Chuck Lorre Is in the Cards
Rescue mission for historic textiles
Scientists Synthesize Long-Sought-After Anticancer Agent
Tiny Gambia community draws close to Judaism
What the Civil War Meant for American Jews
Why do Jews eat kreplach on Purim?


Algae Converted to Butanol: Renewable Fuel
Arctic Environment During an Ancient Bout of Natural Global Warming
Extreme winter weather linked to climate change
Increase in Microearthquakes in California Found After Chilean Quake
Parts of Brain Can Switch Functions
'Reverse Ecology' Elucidates Bread Mold Genomes
Scientists Synthesize Long-Sought-After Anticancer Agent
Scientists Track Great Hammerhead Shark Migration

On this day: Zero Mostel is born
Real Chuck Lorre Is in the Cards

Film on Israeli School Wins Oscar
Jews and Oscars: The Night’s Minyan [SLIDESHOW]
Jews at The Academy Awards
Keeping it Kosher: Sixers will host top Jewish reggae artist
Oscars 2011 Slideshow

Stories with a Yiddish Twist

Happiness Improves Health and Lengthens Life
Sugar-Sweetened Drinks: Higher Blood Pressure
Tonsillectomy Linked to Excess Weight Gain in Kids
Who’s Watching Your Food? Plea Bargain in Infant Formula Scandal


All Other Recalls

Bank of Israel loses NIS 18B 'on paper'
G. Willi-Food Introduces New Premium Kosher Products From Switzerland
Plasan wins Mexican defense bid

women blessings shabbatA Hadassah Cookbook for a New Generation
Breastfeeding and Judaism: Why Moses Mother Didn’t Put a Bottle in the Ark of Bulrushes
FSU Jewish women take women’s case to U.N., D.C.
In Conflict Reporting, Being a Woman Can Be an Advantage
In Israel, Lesbians in Prime Time Are Having Their Moment
Jewish Men Stand Up for Reproductive Rights
Study: Women With Smoking History Have Higher Risk Of Breast Cancer
jewish students

jewish culture
Celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Purim the Old-Fashioned Way
Destroying And Remembering Amalek
The Jewish Ethicist: Office Boredom
Mizrahi Jews
My Language, My Self
Orthodox grapple with ubiquity of Internet
Purim Get-up Made Easy
The Purim Puzzle
Strategies To Control The Rising Cost Of Jewish Living

The Freshary: Shanghai's 'ethically perfect' cafe
G. Willi-Food Introduces New Premium Kosher Products From Switzerland
Honey Ridge's Crème Line Picks Up Kosher Certification
Kashrut & Health Alerts
Kosher Food Purveyors Not Kosher Enough For Mets
No Kosher food at Jewish J Street conference!

Jerusalem Kosher News
The Kosher Blog
Kosher Today Headline News

A Day in the Life of an Israeli Hospital, Cutting Edge Meets Ordinary Problems
Absurd Obsession with Israel
Canaan Fair Trade Creates Sustainable Community of Palestinian Farmers
Lone IDF Soldier Finds Home via Facebook
Netanyahu: Pressure over settlements growing
New Defense System Foils Anti-Missile Attack from Gaza
US Jews Bring Purim Cheer to IDF Soldiers

Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Jewish Television Network
Nesher - Hebrew
Y-Net News
J News

flag of the united states
New Amsterdam becomes a city
Retrial ordered in Md. case held on Shavuot
What the Civil War Meant for American Jews
Wis. governor’s plan threatens workers and Jewish values

Jews of the United States


Synagogue Finds a Home on Nun's Island

Jewish Canada

middle east
Can the Arab world leave anti-Semitism behind?
Developments in the Arab World Have not Helped Turkey
Iran protests Olympic logo
Iran Seeks Mass Destruction Weapons Parts from Norway
Iran: We Have the Right to be in the Mediterranean
Jewish Life in Iran
Libya, Israel and Human Rights
Palestinians Try to Create 'Facebook Revolution'
Uprising Returns to Iran; Fate of Opposition Leaders Unknown

Anti Immigration Sentiment Soars in Britain
Anti-Jewish attack by 3 youths “worst in recent years”
Murdered Sephardic Jewish Community Remains Without a Voice

European Jewish Press

former ussr

Travel Notes from Kharkov

Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS


48 Hours Separated 100 Israelis from Death in New Zealand
Israel sends earthquake aid to New Zealand; 2 Israelis still missing
New Zealand: Searchers Find Bodies of Missing Israelis
Three Israelis in rising New Zealand death toll

Jewish Perth Blog
Jewish Australia
Jewish New Zealand
Jews of Tahiti

latin america

Jewish Argentina Jews of Bolivia Jewish Brazil Jewish Chile Jewish Colombia Jewish Venezuela

todays kosher recipes
Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes`
Cherry Kreplach
Hot Artichoke Dip
How to Make the Perfect Pie
Israeli Chocolate Rugelach (Dairy)
Savory Mushroom and Shallot Bread Pudding

Measurement Conversion

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