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Thursday 4 Av 5770 - Jul 15, 2010
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American Jewish leader: Israel is trying to delegitimize liberal Judaism
Anti-Semitism in mainstream Christianity
Escape From the Holy Shtetl
From Silk Salesman To Show Biz: The Humor Of Storyteller, Myron Cohen (1902-1986)
Goldman, Lipman and Spider-Man: All Jewish Names
Israel's secret new weapon?
Israeli bill that could limit recognized conversions moves forward
Jews to Play in Baseball All-Star Game
Ladino retains some old Spanish features
Sharansky: We can't divide Jewish people
Singapore Fling
"Zekhtsn" (16) Words
Stars of David: Gertrude Berg
The "Fourth Mutation of Anti-Semitism"
The Mosques of War
Wikipedia's Jewish Problem

Bloomington lawyer led anti-Semitism fight
Erwin Zaban, 88, Godfather of the Jewish community
Is he really MIA?
Obama Taps Orthodox Jew As Director Of The White House Office Of Management & Budget
Scarred by terrorism, Israeli brothers-in-law to compete in triathlon
The land of milk and honey
Walnut Creek sisters serving in Israeli military
Will Chelsea Clinton Have a Jewish Wedding

Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations at the Contemporary Jewish Museum
Simone Elkeles - a Great New Find for Me (and my students)!
'The Chosen Folks,' by Bryan Edward Stone

Stories with a Yiddish Twist

Dangerous Malaria Drug On The Market
FDA Public Health Alert: Que She Weight Loss Capsules Contain Potentially Harmful Ingredients
High cost, rigorous rules can trap Medicare patients
Salsa, Guacamole Transmit Food-borne Illnesses
The lowdown on the whooping cough epidemic
US disease centers to use Israeli innovation


Florida Company Recalls Sliced Apples
Recalls July 12
Recalls July 8
Recalls July 5

All Other Recalls


Israeli Bonds Advance on Signs Economic Recovery Is Faltering
Record-setting half-year for Israeli tourism
Oasis For Orthodox Women
10 Men, 10 Women
Women of Wall head held for Kotel march
What's for Dinner?

jewish students
Breaking the Jewish College Bubble
How to Resist the Nazism on Campus
New Research on Risk Factors for Suicidal Students
UC president responds to Jewish groups' letter

jewish culture

Red, White and Jew
The Jewish Ethicist: Can I Quit?
Will We Let Orthodox Jews Take Over Conversion in Israel?

A strude awakening in Stamford Hill
CRC Kashrus Alerts 7/13/10
Jerusalem Kosher News
The Kosher Blog
Kosher Today Headline News


American Jewish leader: Israel is trying to delegitimize liberal Judaism
Archeologists Explore Rural Galilee and Find Ancient Synagogue
Israel's secret new weapon?
Israeli Arab strikes plea bargain over Hezbollah espionage charges
Israeli Conservative Rabbis Inflame Racism Under Guise Of Jewish Religious Law
Israeli conversion bill moves ahead, draws anger
Israeli navy on alert as Libyan aid ship heads for Gaza
Military audit clears soldiers in Gaza flotilla raid
The other Israeli conflict: with itself

Arutz Sheva
Israel 21C
Jerusalem Post
Jewish Television Network
Nesher - Hebrew
Y-Net News
J News

flag of the united states
From the Heart: Fish for City's Kosher Soup Kitchen
Historic Places: B'Nai Jacob Synagogue
Jewish Congregations Form an Unlikely Alliance to Save Temple
Texas' Greene Family Camp celebrates 35 years of fostering Jewish identity
US 'Big Brother' goes Orthodox

Jews of the United States


Anti-Semitism in 1960s T.M.R.
‘Bargain Harold’ Dies
Camp Wooden Acres plans first-ever reunion
Educator facilitated exchanges with Israel
London’s Temple Israel welcomes new rabbi
Maimonides Geriatric Centre celebrates 100 years
Online campaign asks Canadians to walk in Israelis' shoes
The land of milk and honey

Jewish Canada

middle east
A Kurdish-Israeli alliance vis-à-vis the Arab-Turkish alliance?
Egypt's Jewish leader sentenced to prison
Israeli-Jewish angle in fateful Gulf emirate's battle of succession
Libyan Charity to Send Aid Ship to Blockaded Gaza
Report: Hezbollah on high alert over concern Israel 'preparing something for us'
The Israel-Turkey Imbroglio


Austrian panel recommends return of 4 works
Dutch rabbi: Fight anti-Semitism with education
Dreyfus Revisited
French parliament bans veils
Great Britain becoming less great
Green Party & Anti-semitism?
Muslims targeted as racist violence rises in Europe
Polish performer burns barn to commemorate pogrom
Sweltering temperatures and high humidity trigger health warnings

European Jewish Press

former ussr cis

Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS

First burial in Jewish cemetery in 76 years!
Hineni youth loses battle for life
Jul-13 ~ Jul-17 Sydney: Merchant of Menace
Loewenstein removes image
Muslim and Jewish school students work together
Online marketing Guru for Chabad Double Bay

Jewish Perth Blog
Jewish Australia
Jewish New Zealand
Jews of Tahiti

latin america

Jewish Argentina Jews of Bolivia Jewish Brazil Jewish Chile Jewish Colombia Jewish Venezuela

todays kosher recipes
Beet Recipes Even a Beet Hater Can Love
Florida-style summer dinner
Fresh Mozzarella Toasts with Spicy Herb Oil
Kabocha squash kimpura
Potato Pancake Recipe (Reibekuchen)
Vegan leftover beans and rice summer cold salad
Yummy muffins hit the ‘sweet spot’

Measurement Conversion

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